About Us
     The spirit of ideas
   1: to ground-based is the fundamental point of our work;

   To ground-based, that is, "hard-working, dedicated, enterprising," and this is the core of our corporate culture advocate. The 21st century is full of competition and opportunities of the times, for each employee enterprises provide unlimited room for development, requirements employees through the continuous learning, progress, self-improvement, self-upgrading, will own all the wisdom and life into the work of the . The only way to effectively seize the opportunity, in the fierce competition in a position to continuing to successfully into.

    2: strengthen our responsibility is the consistent style of work;

   Companies required to have a strong sense of responsibility and staff to focus on his conduct, always responsible for their actions. Done the courage to take responsibility, the courage to face all sorts of difficulties and challenges and learn to keep temper in the face of adversity themselves, so as to continuously expand the growth, which is one of the enterprises to promote the culture.

    3: our work is efficient and pragmatic point of departure;

    Everything is efficient results-oriented, pragmatic, is down-to-earth, hard work. Enterprises with staff to promote efficient and pragmatic spirit. Not busy all day, Zuo Yangzi Jiren Kan, but look at the results, pragmatic. Asked the staff down to earth, hard work, carry forward the spirit of the old cattle. And in work, and constantly improve the working methods, work style, improve work efficiency, so that each work can be planned, and steps to complete the better. The only way to keep the business development goals will move forward.

    4: the global radiation is the end result of our work;

    The face is at a stage to explore the global security market, we spent a lot of funds, to establish the industry's largest R & D team, to die at home raising the level of contribution to its own strength. Faced with enormous capacity, has entered a phase of vigorous development of foreign markets, develop our reputation Dinu more room for development. Pengkai future will be greater room for development. Only international, we can really keep up with the pace of the world, can better serve the country, eclectic, complementarity and seek better development and greater progress.
   You can jump into the sea to swim there, you inside and then back to the river, lake swimming inside certainly no problem. With advanced foreign technology cooperation so that we always maintained a forward momentum, the industry always stand on the front.

    5: unity, cooperation is the strong protection of our work;

Companies required to have a strong team spirit of coordination, shopping malls such as the battlefield, only companies formed a team to coordinate operations to the market economy remain unbeaten in the waves.