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Product S/N:110611151
Specification:intelligent variable DOME camera
Product Feature:intelligent variable
Product Class:09.Camera
Quality Rank:
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    Product Description

Outdoor installation IP66 degree of protection products are of high strength aluminum alloy casing (WS appearance except for the one-time molding of high strength ABS material), waterproof design, fast loading structure
  Level of 9 ° / sec, 12 ° / sec, 15 ° / sec, 18 ° / sec, 21 ° / sec, 24 ° / sec constant speed between two six-speed scanning, manual 0 to 24 degrees / sec, variable speed operation, Accurate location tracking manual control
  Built-in decoder, integrated multiple communication protocols, baud rate, different types of constant speed dome camera protocol to support multiple brands
  Improve the use of the OSD menu function, friendly interface
  128 Practical Intelligent preset precision ball
  Wireless-bit 360-degree continuous rotation
  Optional 2 alarm inputs (preset linkage 2), 1 alarm output driver.
  Built-in lightning protection

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