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  Video Balun PKVB-102X
Product Name:Video Balun PKVB-102X
Product S/N:111110174
Specification:Passive one-way
Product Feature:
Product Class:08.Transmission System
Quality Rank:
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    Product Description
Single Channel Passive Video Balun

*Full-motion CCTV video at distancees up to 330m when used with any passive transceiver;
*Up to 1500M with any active UTP video receiver;
*Tool-less,installs in seconds,no need to strip the wires;
*NTCS,PAL,and SECAM video formats;
*No power required;
*60 DB crosstalk and noise immunity;
*Compact size and easy installation.

Technical Specifications
1:Frequency response:DC to 8Mhz;
5:Working temperature:-10 oC to +70 oC;
6:Storage temperature:-30 oC to +70 oC;
7:Humidity:0 to 95%;
9:Material::ABS Plastic;
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