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 08.Transmission System >> CCTV Video Balun >> Passive one-way video balun PKVB-CTA8
  Passive one-way video balun PKVB-CTA8
Product Name:Passive one-way video balun PKVB-CTA8
Product S/N:112223494722
Specification:Passive one-way CVI/TVI/AHD
Product Feature:Passive one-way CVI/TVI/AHD video balun PKVB-CTA8
Product Class:08.Transmission System
Quality Rank:
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    Product Description

For CVI, AHD, TVI cameras and DVRs
Active transmission up to 1200 meters high definition
Color video HD-CVI 720P
Color video HD-CVI 1,080P
Color video AHD 720/960P

Key Specifications/Special Features:

Single channel passive video transceiver
Transmitting real-time AHD/CVI 1080P/720P video
No power required
Exceptional interference rejection and built-in protection setting
Convenient wiring installation, higher cable utilization rate and lower composite wiring cost
Compact size

Video AHD/CVI 1080P & 720P real-time
Frequency DC To 8MHz
Impedance Coax BNC: 75Ω, UTP: 100Ω
CMRR 60dB typ
Attenuation 0.3dB typ
Temperature Working temp: -10°C-+50°C
Storage temp: -30°C-+70°C
Humidity 0- -95%RH
Wire Type UTP CAT5, 24-16AWG
Impedance 9Ω(100M)
Power Active(DC)
UTP Port Terminal Block
Dimensions(mm) 50*16*16
Weight(g) 23

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