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  Access Door power supply PK12V5A-AD
Product Name:Access Door power supply PK12V5A-AD
Product S/N:52420411223
Specification:DC regulated 60W metal case
Product Feature:CE&RoHS,Regulated,for access door
Product Class:01.Power Supply
Quality Rank:
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    Product Description

Access Door power supply PK12V5A-AD

This power supply uses high quality electronic components and has been manufactured with advanced manufacturing technology.High product quality
and reliability are guaranteed.
2 . Scope of Operation
Suita ble for building inter-coms , entrance and exit inhibitors , and various electric door locks
3 . Functions and Features
1 . Input AC 220v / 50Hz , output DC 12V stabilized 3A / 5A
2 . Direet control of door locks to reduce loading on door inhibitors , anti-disturbance , reduced wiring to save costs and reduce possible fault.
3 . N / O and N / C contacts for connection to various electric locks.
4 . Delayed switching , settable between 0-15 seconds
5 . Automatic protection Power Will be temporarily disconnected or fuse will blow when there is overloading or a short-circuit
6 . Remote control with an optional remote control module . A remote confroller is used to activate doors / gates .Control range is up to 80M at open field with no disturbance )
4 . External Dimensions
 205mm x 165mm x 74mm
188mm x85mm x 60mm

5 . Wiring terminals
1-3 N / O contacts . Normally no output , 12V DC when
activated . 1 is positive terminal , 3 is negative terminal
2-3 N / C contacts . Normally 12V DC , no output when
activated . 2is positive terminal , 3 Is negative terminal
4-5 Stabilized DC output 12V . 4 is positive terminal
5-6 Terminals for Door open pushs witch .
6 Low frequency signal output , connected to signal wire
of door inhibitor
7 High frequency signal output , Positive terminal of lock
8-9 Building intercoms

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